Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Sheep of a Different Color

So yesterday I decided it was high time I got my head out of the bag of Fritos, switched off Flip or Flop, and did some stitching. I picked up my Little House ABC Sampler and before I knew it I had finished the house and started on the area just below it. I figured I'd stitch the tiny girl first and then start on the sheep. Only when I checked to see what color I needed for them it wasn't white. Or ecru or beige or any other sheepish color. It was Golden Brown. Golden brown sheep? What the heck? So I flip to the photo of the sampler and see that the sheep are instead pumpkins. Pumpkins. As in Fall. I have inadvertently stomped on the brakes of any summer stitching I thought I might still do and have plopped down behind the wheel of a whole 'nother vehicle.
And see the name of the thread I'm substituting for the golden brown DMC? Pumpkin Pie! If I'm not ready for fall then I better get ready!

Excuse me ladies...
I'm off to browse crock pot recipes and shop for the perfect pair of leggings online!

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Robin in Virginia said...

Did you come up with any good crockpot recipes? You have made good progress on your LHN piece.