Thursday, July 07, 2016

Still June-ing

I'm really (really!) hoping to finish my June Prairie Year block today. I'm just about done with the big flower and the mis-matched green border has been ripped out. I restitched part of it yesterday to get a feel for whether or not I'll be leaving the leaves as they are. Chances are I will, considering how much I want to get this done! My laziness really shines through at times like this!

We had a nice 4th of July weekend here at the lake, despite the skies being a bit cloudy and the temperatures a little cooler than we would have preferred. At least it didn't rain and we were able to take the boat out a couple of times and see plenty of fireworks. I took all of two pictures the whole entire weekend so here ya go...
This is the back of the house (Castle Khaki?) as seen from our dock. The wall is progressing nicely and we're hoping the quote for new steps doesn't come back so extraordinarily high that we decide to risk life and limb on the old steps for a couple more years. They are about the last thing remaining from the fire so they're not in the best condition.

And here is picture number two...
This is Bella enjoying a nice ride on the boat. Looking at the blue sky there I'm thinking this may have actually been taken on a different day. I really outdid myself with the total lack of picture taking! But then I would have had to put down whatever it was I happened to be eating or drinking at the time in order to snap a photo or two! Well done, me!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to stitch! Woohoo!


Vickie said...

I just know you will get June done today. :)
I love picture #2.

Robin in Virginia said...

Bella is adorable. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Hope you get the PS June block finished today. Enjoy your weekend!