Monday, June 27, 2016

A Frogging We Will Go

So I finally get the ole q-snaps on relatively straight. At least straight enough where I'm not constantly trying to readjust them. I settle myself on the loveseat with an ice cold Pepsi and the Rangers game on TV. Just the ticket for a Sunday afternoon. I'm making good progress on my June Prairie Year, stitching some leaves, working on the border. I'd had to grab a new skein of 520 out of my stash for this square because I'd used up the first skein. But it's DMC. No worries on colors matching, right?


I've never in my 30+ years of stitching had this happen! I grabbed another skein out of my stash to compare them and sure enough, the one I'd been using is lighter! I dug the little paper dealies out of the trash to make sure I hadn't grabbed the wrong number by mistake but no, I wasn't crazy, it said 520. I'm considering leaving the leaves (haha, that's funny!) and just restitching the border since that's the most noticeably different part.

I really really really wanted to get this one done before the end of the month so I better hop to it!


Vickie said...

Oh no! Yes, I too, very, very rarely have had this problem with good 'ol DMC. BIG. FAT. BUMMER.

Tricia B said...

Leave the leaves! It looks great!

Robin in Virginia said...

I hope you left the leaves. It does happen especially between really older skeins and new.

Brigitte said...

I have had this happen with 520 too. Oh well.