Thursday, April 21, 2016

Some Stitching

Yay! I finally have some stitching to share!

I took a ton of projects down to Florida with me but never really worked on anything other than what you see here. I wanted to have plenty of choices, like a buffet, but ended up with more on my plate than I could ever finish. Just like a real buffet, right?

Anyhoosie, I have the first three months of A Prairie Year finished as of this morning! The plan is to stitch one a month so if I don't get busy I'm going to fall behind. And it's only April! Luckily today is rather dreary out so a perfect day to spend in the Chicken Ottoman Empire!

And speaking of stitching, here's something I found on the coffee table in the den when we were down south...
Phil's son who is in medical school was staying with us and was practicing different sutures on this fake arm.

I can't repeat what came out of my mouth when I first saw it!


Vickie said...

This is a great project. And I thought that was a gag you had there!!!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your A Prairie Year is looking good. Interesting coffee table knick knack!