Friday, April 22, 2016

On A Friday

Good morning! It's shaping up to be a lovely day here at the Chicken Ottoman Empire! The windows are open and I'm listening to the birds cheeping and chirping outside! Phil refilled the feeder before he left for work this morning and "business is booming" as he likes to say!

I'm having my coffee in the kitchen, enjoying the view of the lake while the birdies poop all over the deck. Gotta love 'em!

It's turning out to be a "yoga pants" kind of day. (You know what I'm talking about, right?!) I believe it's perfectly acceptable for me to sit around in my yoga pants half the day because I do 15-20 minutes of actual yoga in the morning. Of course, following this reasoning, I should feel justified to sit around the house all day in my pajamas since I sleep every night. I might be on to something here!

I started April on my Prairie Year piece yesterday. Just a tiny bit done but I feel like I'm back on schedule now. I should be able to finish it by the end of the month.
(No snickering!)

Another project I started recently is Shop from Sam Sarah Designs. It's stitched on a pillow topper that will be attached to a sham with buttons. It's going to go upstairs in the Purple Room when it's finished. That's the room my daughter uses when she visits so I like to keep it girlified!

Aren't the colors yummy??
I love fun projects like this!

Anyone else a Game of Thrones fan? Phil and I have been doing the 50 episodes in 50 days "challenge" in order to be ready for Season 6. For the most part we've managed to stay on track (thanks to a few binge viewing nights!). We have three episodes left to watch but we should be ready to roll come Sunday! I can't wait!

Weekend plans? Phil and I are heading to Pinball at the Zoo on Saturday. We love us some pinball and have three machines downstairs. Remind me to show you some day!

Sunday will be Mass followed by lunch and we'll likely need to do some grocery shopping. After two weeks of being home we still have nothing to eat in the house but Lactaid, some eggs, and about six pounds of cheese! Omelet anyone? I'm hoping for some sunshine but it looks like we have rain in the forecast. I can't complain after the glorious weekend we had last week. Hopefully soon we'll get the boat in the water and will be able to go out for a float the next time the temperatures soar!

So that's what's on Paisley's Plate for the next few days! What's up with everyone else??


Robin in Virginia said...

Nice starts on the April block and the Shop piece. I don't think I have seen the Shop piece before. Interesting! It sounds like you have some full days on your plate. Thanks for the giggle about the enjoying the view of the lake while the birdies poop. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Brigitte said...

Two great new starts. I particularly love the PD piece. And the pillow topper will look really great. I have never seen this chart before.