Monday, October 12, 2015

Block 8... Done!

Village of Hawk Run Hollow
Block 8
Carriage House Samplings
stitched on 40 count Pearled Barley linen
with Vikki Clayton Hand Dyed Fibers

Jacob was thrilled when he showed up last week to see the river was a-flowing and the wheel was a-turning! He didn't care that the flowers weren't a-planted and there wasn't a single blade of grass a-growing! He got to gristing and milling right away and the folks of Hawk Run Hollow will be having corn bread with their beans tonight because

Here's the whole sha-bang...

Three more blocks to go!



Carol said...

Oh, I just love this one!! The whole piece is looking spectacular :)

Robin said...

Congratulations on getting this block finished! Woohoo!

Robin in Virginia

Vickie said...

Glad Jacob is finally happy. :D
Looks great!

Melody said...

It is looking good. You are on the home stretch now!!