Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Two Days Later...

... and all I've managed to stitch is a stem, some leaves, and one flower! My camera even refused to take a decent picture of this embarrassing lack of progress! If there was such thing as a stitching forecast, mine would be foggy with a 10% chance of thread blowing in from the north and converging with needle and fabric this afternoon.

Phil and I went to see Aerosmith in concert last night and I'm suffering from a bit of a Rock & Roll hangover. My ears are still ringing and I'm dead tired after getting home in the wee hours last night. Plus all that jumping up and down and clapping and woowoo'ing takes a lot out of a person my age! I was hoping to revive myself with a relaxing bubble bath this morning while I soaked off my mascara and glitter eye shadow but a rather fat ugly spider decided to join me. Picture David Lee Roth in the Jump video and you have an idea of what I looked like! I swear I heard the spider laughing as it went down the drain with my bubbles!

This afternoon is my annual boob squooshing and as a Public Service Annoucement I encourage all you gals out there to beat the rush in October and get those mammograms scheduled now!


Melody said...

That is great you got to go to a concert! Aerosmith, no less. Whoo Hoo!

Robin said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the concert! Sorry your relaxing bubble bath didn't turn out as planned!

Robin in Virginia