Thursday, August 20, 2015

Having a Windsday on a Thursday

It is quite a blustery day out today! A bit chilly and fall-ish if you ask me! It's days like this that give me the urge to put together a fall stitching basket!

We've been super busy here in the Chicken Ottoman Empire! So busy that I've been a little scatter brained. (I've had to go to the grocery store twice already today!) I've been reluctant to pick up my stitching because it seems like every time I do I misplace my needle! I've lost two in the last few days and I hardly ever lose a needle!

Here's my meager progress on Summer...
All I have left is filling in the dark green on the left side. You would think I'd be done by now but ten stitches in and I'm thinking wait... I was supposed to be washing sheets and towels and getting rid of the stink in what will forever be known as "The Skunk Room". (By the way, thank you for the postcard from Milan, Simone. Who knew you were so involved in making sure Fashion Week goes off without a hitch.)

Busy and me just don't get along!

Folks are coming to visit this weekend and there are eight bar stools waiting to be put together and chicken curry to make so off I go!

Buzz buzz buzz...


Robin said...

Hope your weekend enjoyable, your bar stools get put together and the chicken curry is a success.

Robin in Virginia

Brigitte said...

Your Summer piece is coming along great.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

You'll soon have that Summer piece whipped out in no time! :)