Saturday, June 02, 2012

Stitching To Go

I decided I needed to find a better method for toting my stitching supplies back and forth from Phil's. This was prompted by the discovery that one of the cats had coughed up a hair ball on the mesh project bag I'd been using. I've had this Vera Bradley bag for-evah and since I wasn't using it for anything else, I tossed in a few essentials and, voila! Stitching to go!

So far I have Q-snaps, scissors, a thread box, needles, a ruler, my stitching journal and a few other odds and ends. There's plenty of room for more so I added some fabric and the chart for Prairie Schooler's July which I've decided I just need to start since it's summa-summa-summa-time!

I'm totally tickled with my bag and feel like I've just discovered fire! (Which is a heck of a lot better than discovering cat barf!)

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


P.J. said...

Love this post. Hahahahaha! Isn't it great when something simple really makes your day! I really like the way you found an awesome use for the bag. And it is definitely way better than finding cat barf!!

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous bag definitely better than finding a cat ball.

Suburban Stitcher said...

I have two of these vera bags and they're PERFECT for stitching!

Natasha said...

Great idea!! Sorry about the hair ball YUCK!!

kimstitch3 said...

Great Idea,love the bag