Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And the Livin' Is Easy

Hooray! It's officially summer today! We've been having quite a heat wave here in southwest Michigan with temperatures in the 90s! Folks have been enjoying the lake from dawn 'til dusk!

I'm making Prairie Schooler's July my official Summer Project of 2012! It's proven to be the perfect project to pull out when I'm watching a ball game. And since the Rangers seem to be winning more since I've started stitching this, I'm not planning to work on anything else for a while! My team needs me! And it beats not changing my socks!

Isn't it the summer-est?! I could spill ketchup and mustard on it and not mind a bit!

Hope everyone is enjoying their first day of summer!  Thanks for visiting!


Deb said...

isn't this weather something else? Hopefully we'll get some relief after tomorrow. This has been one heck of a spring.

I think that PS pieces are the perfect thing to stitch in the summer.

P.J. said...

Very summery! We got up into the 90's here in Maine today and high humidity. It is doggone Hawt!

Lesleyanne said...

Great new start.

RuthB said...

Oh, you're right. You have picked the perfect summer piece.

May your Rangers help you enjoy the summer.