Saturday, March 22, 2008

Still Here!

And still stitching! I have two finishes to share! The first is the next installment in my LK monthlies, called "Remember". Here's how it looks so far:We're definitely having some issues with wrinkly linen here! And this is after I ironed it!

I stayed up past my bedtime last night and finished this little guy:It's the red-headed woodpecker from Prairie Schooler's Birdsong II. Instead of filling in the background with stitches, I cheated and used some light blue (okay, it was dawn grey!) fabric. See the line where the fabric was folded? It will not go away no matter what I try! Does anyone else ever have this problem with fabric that's been in your stash for several years? I have all these nifty little packages of fabric in my closet that I've been trying to use, but they all seem to have these fold lines. Any advice?

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Easter weekend! I will have everyone home tomorrow except my oldest son who is still in Korea. Now I'm off to boil a couple dozen eggs for the kids to dye!


Ruth said...

Congrats on the LK accomplishment and on the great PS piece! I have the same issues both with linen and with some particularly stubborn crease lines. I've heard people say that you ought to roll your fabric as soon as you buy it, but I just don't have the space/patience for that. Hmmm, ineffective ironing is probably reason number 13 for being a finishing chicken.

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful finishes Elizabeth! I'm really liking that LK series now that I see it stitched. Not good ;o)

Is that fabric hand dyed? If not, I take a spray container and drench the problem area and then iron it (with protective cloth in between). The other thing you can do is after spraying it with water, put it in the freezer overnight and iron it as soon as you take it out. DON'T do this with hand dyed fabrics though! HTH.

Happy Easter!

Kim B said...

I am loving the LK piece! And your little bird is so cute!

Sorry I'm not help with the crease thing. I need more help than I could ever offer :)

staci said...

Great finishes! If it isn't hand-dyed, then I completely wet it and iron it dry.

Sharon said...

They looks great! Congrats.

Sandra said...

Beautiful. Just found your site through my candle making blog. I'm a cross-stitching freak so having fun looking at your creations.