Saturday, February 02, 2008

January Goals Review/February Goals

I had a short list, but I managed to do everything on it! Baby steps, right?

1. Work on Winter Sampler. I did, but not very much. Considering the size of this project, I really should devote a little more time to it.
2. Start/Finish Season of Rest (LHN). Done!
3. Start/Finish Winter Fields (Secret Needle Night). Done!
4. Work on reducing my UFOs. Finished one UFO and made progress on three others.
5. Find Woolly Tyme blanket kits! Hooray! I found them on Thursday, the last day of January!

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet again for February:
1. Continue to work on Winter Sampler.
2. Finish "Love My Coffee" by Lizzie Kate. (I was sneaky and started this last week!)
3. Start and finish "Dream" by Lizzie Kate.
4. Start and finish "Love" by Lizzie Kate.
5. Start and finish February Woolly Tyme blanket. No more naked sheep!

We spent Wednesday and most of Thursday internet-less while our service provider tried to fix the problem. I completely lost my patience at one point and yelled at one of their technical support people. I think he said his name was James. Sorry I hung up on you, James. Then I called back and talked (calmly) to Edwin who told me he'd send a service tech out the next day to check things at the house. Mark arrived at 10:00 and laughed about how they had tried to fix my old line with a new circuit that wouldn't work on it because, well, it was too old. Mark had them switch us back to the original circuit and it looks like we're stuck with what we have for now. At least until I get my voice back, haha!

Anyone watching the big game tomorrow? I'm not a football fan, but I'll tune in for the commercials and halftime show. Plus I enjoy rooting for the underdog. It's also a great excuse for pigging out on chili con queso!


Pumpkin said...

Good for you! I'm quite disappointed with my month and I hope to post about that in the next few days.

Isn't it a pain without the internet? You'd think we never had it! LOL! Glad to see you back :o)

Dawn said...

Good job on your goals:)