Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dream/Love HD

Dream & Love
from the Double Flip series by Lizzie Kate
stitched on 32 count linen with WDW & GAST fibers

These were such fun to stitch! And the best part is there's ten more to go! Woohoo!

We've been busy as beavers around here, still doing little things around the house in the hopes that it will sell soon. I bought a flat of pansies yesterday and stuck some in a couple of flower pots in an attempt to make the front of the house look less drab. My daughter planted the rest around the pool in the back while I cleaned out the flower beds. We had some rain recently and the weeds are starting to pop up everywhere. More rain is expected tonight and tomorrow. I may have to go out and rescue my flower pots, poor babies!

I'm hoping for a more relaxing day tomorrow. I want to finish reading Emma (I love me some Jane Austen!), maybe make a pot of chicken soup for dinner. And then there's the small question of what to stitch next. Hmmm...


Pumpkin said...

I knew there was a reason why I liked those! They look even better all stitched up :o) Great work!

Pansies! Pansies! ARGH! We still have piles of snow :o( I love pansies. Sigh. I bet they are so pretty.

Have you still been watching the Jane Austen movies on PBS? We got a new VCR and it didn't record last Sunday's so I'm hoping they will repeat on Saturday night :oS


Chicken soup sounds wonderful....especially if you have a cold-like I do. :-)

You could stitch an Easter present for someone...if you believe in Easter.

Laurel's stitching said...

How pretty! We are under flowers here. and yes....Cinderella is a wonderful classic....I am babysitting both my grand daughter (3) and her little brother 2 months and we were watching Cinderella again tonight...and Kaidyn fell asleep and then Braylon fell asleep. I wonder how fast the baby would wake if I got my needle and thread out? lol huggers and no stitches tonight. laurel

Dawn said...

Great stitching! I can't wait to see the others finished:)

Ruth said...

You LK is looking great. You know, I think that reading Emma while enjoying the rain is the perfect way to spend the day :)

Meari said...

The LK is looking great. I so want to do that series. I suppose I should get in gear and order the charts!