Sunday, August 20, 2006

I needed a project today, so I decided to make a test of one of those triangle stand-up thingies before I make one for real. My "guinea pig" was something I stitched a million years ago when I first started cross stitching. It's really not my taste anymore, and not something I would care about if I totally screwed it up. The whole thing probably took me two hours to put together, which I think is a bit long but there was a lot of sewing involved and I'm not as adept with a sharp needle as I am with the tapestry kind. I had to pull it out of my thumb on several occasions. Ouch! I made a few mistakes but overall I think my trial was a success. Most of my goofs could be concealed by some trim if I wanted to go that far and add it. I learned a few things, and I'll definitely feel more confident when I make the next one.

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Sharon said...

Your stand up looks pretty darn good to me! Congrats!