Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Little Fallifying

When last we spoke I was trying to get the house fancied up for fall, but all that really amounted to was me sitting around all day drinking Starbucks Fall Blend (one of my faves!) and reading magazines.

Not much has changed in two weeks...
 What can I say? I love a good magazine! And coffee! And, well, sitting around all day!

With as busy and lazy as I am (I know the two don't really go together but somehow I manage to pull it off!) I hopped online and filled up my cart at Target!

Isn't this the cutest pillow?
Apparently I'm all about the shiny this year!

I also got some glittery painted pumpkins to put in my lantern that sits on the fireplace hearth...
It turned out pretty cute for five minutes of effort! It would have taken me only two if I hadn't had to empty out the pine cones that were still in it from, like, five Christmases ago.

And lastly, we have my "candlescape" that sits on our coffee table...
These guys get swapped out as they burn down. The latest addition is the fancy copper one in the front. Oooooh! Shiny!

I also picked up some little plates for our B&B's wine and cheese nights but that'll be another post! (The paper ones we'd been using didn't quite have that "value added" vibe!)

Now then, there's a magazine and a cup of coffee calling so off I go!

Thanks for visiting!

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Robin in Virginia said...

Everything looks good, but I really am taken with your lantern. Where did you find it? I like your mug. What does it say? Enjoy the fall days and evenings!