Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Chugging Along

I feel like the Little Engine Who Could every time I work on Random Thoughts! Yesterday I decided it was time to stop ignoring the more difficult parts of the sampler. There's this celtic knot looking design that's done entirely in Queen Stitches. I've never had much success with this particular stitch but seeing as how I'm not creative enough to figure out a substitute, I threaded up my needle and got to work!

I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!

Before I knew it, I was chugging along, one stitch after another, watching the design grow! I made a couple of mistakes and had to do a little ripping but once I got going I didn't want to stop! Before I knew it I had rounded the bend and was heading down hill! Chooooo choooooo!

I knew I could! I knew I could! I knew I could!

No news on the house in Florida. Neighbors have reported some damage to their own property and apparently there's a lot of debris everywhere. We'll be sitting tight until we hear something.


Robin in Virginia said...

Your piece is looking good. Good for you on persevering and getting that motif finished!

Daffycat said...

Looking very nice...good on you for jumping off on it!