Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Futzing and Putzing

I hope all of y'all 'round these parts (the good ole USofA) enjoyed a safe and happy Labor Day. We took the boat out one day and did some grilling, but otherwise it was a quiet weekend for us. Phil had some "homework" to do so I futzed around upstairs in the loft and did a little finishing. I also spent some time in the Chicken Ottoman Empire working on my Fall Stitching Basket.

I bought this nifty frame on a shopping excursion with my daughter last Friday and it seemed to be perfect for this Four Seasons piece from the Trilogy...

(Mr. Moose was called into propping up duty once again!)

I also bought a frame to use for my Prairie Schooler Summer I just finished but it's quite a bit bigger than the little guys I've been doing. I might just take it in and have the experts do it. I'd really hate to mess it up!

I'm still working on my Fall Stitching Basket so no big reveal yet. I'm making lists of the thread and fabric I still need. I will be attending the House of Stitches La-D-Da class on Saturday so I plan to pop into the shop and pick up some supplies while I'm there.

Both Phil and I have managed to catch a summer cold bug so we've been taking it easy the last couple of days. I've self prescribed comfort food, herbal tea, and DayQuil! So far it seems to be working although I haven't had the energy to do much more than putz around on Pinterest all day! My daughter got me hooked on Stitch Fix so now I'm a virtual fashionista!

Hoping to pick up a needle again soon so I'll have some stitching to share!

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Robin said...

What a fabulous looking frame you found for your 4 seasons piece! Have fun at the La D Da class you are attending this Saturday!

Robin in Virginia

PS Wishing you a speedy recovery!