Friday, May 02, 2014

News from the Chicken Ottoman Empire

Greetings from the newly formed Chicken Ottoman Empire!

Harry has been appointed Keeper of the Ottoman. All this really means is that I never get to put my feet up because somebody has a new favorite napping spot.

Bun was accused of treasonous activity so is being held for questioning. Never fear! As soon as she is cleared of any wrong-doing (and her pen is clean!) she will be released!

I've been bouncing from project to project since finishing up Block 9.

First up is a sampler Phil picked out while we were in Florida. The colors are really pretty but it's another "plus sized" project that I'll be working on for a while. As you can see, I got a teeny tiny start on it. 

Phil has been encouraging me to finish up some of my older WIPs so I pulled several out of a box and did an eenie meenie minie moe. I landed on this old kit from the Silver Needle that I started waaaay back in 2009 I think. I'm about halfway finished now. The 10-ct. fabric and perle cotton are a nice break from the 40-ct and silk I've been using for VoHRH.

This is a Big Zipper kit from Bent Creek called Spring House. Again it uses perle cotton on an 18-ct. fabric. Easy peasy stitching which is just what I need when watching the Texas Rangers moop it up on the field. (I'm not exactly happy with their performance this season!)

I went shopping with my daughter a couple of weeks ago and bought a super cute skirt and a jacket to wear with it. The skirt turned out to be a little on the short side (for a woman of my mature years!) so I returned it but I kept the jacket because, hey! I have a sewing machine! I can make a skirt to go with it! A quick trip to JoAnn's and voila! It only needs the bottom ruffle to be sewn on and I can call it done!

We've been having one rainy, chilly spring here at the lake. I am hoping to get an herb garden started soon. Oh, and I'm going to try broccoli again! I had little pepper plants sprouting (all by their lonesome!) in a couple of pots from last year but our "pet" squirrel decided to do a little digging and I'm not sure they survived. This is the same squirrel I have been feeding nice big Texas pecans because he's soooo cute. No mas pecans, rodent! You are now on my s*** list!

I almost forgot the biggest news of all! 

I am now the proud mother of a college graduate! 
Well done, Sarah!

Happy weekend, y'all! Thanks for stopping by!


Melody said...

Congrats to your daughter!

cucki said...

Congrats to your daughter..
Hugs x

Chris said...

Congratulations Sarah!
You have some great WIPs :)