Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Happy May!

Some views from my spot on the deck...
 Bella refusing to look at the camera. She's guarding last weekends plant selections. We are planning to have a little garden out on the deck. Flowers and few pepper plants mostly. And broccoli! Wish us luck!

 The sun tea jar makes it's season debut!

 Looking out at the lake and a beautiful blue sky.

 Phil hung (hanged?) our bird feeder last weekend. It took the birds a few days to find it but we've had a steady stream of visitors today. Mostly sparrows and finches. All camera and people shy. As soon as I came inside there was a whole flock of them out there.

Where I plan to be spending a lot of sunny days!

Hope your May is off to a great start!


Melody said...

What beautiful views from your deck! I would find that a favorite spot to sit and stitch also.. but stitching wouldn't be so productive with the scenery.. Enjoy!

cucki said...

Hello dear it's me cucki..tank you so much for following my humble blog:)
I am a happy follower of your blog now too..such a lovely view from your deck..
Warm hugs for you x