Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Stitching Basket

Instead of pulling out every single fall project I'd like to work on, I decided I'd excercise some restraint and stick with what is on my WIPocolypse list for now. The idea is to finish these four projects and then I can choose something new to start. Sounds reasonable, right?

Top left we have The Village of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings which technically isn't a fall project but to me those colors couldn't get more fall-ish. So into the basket it goes!

Top right is Wee Autumn from Heart in Hand. I started this back in the 90s thinking I'd stitch all four seasons on a long piece of fabric and make it into a bellpull. I have Winter, Spring, and Summer already stitched so fingers crossed Autumn gets done soon!

Bottom left is Acorn Hill from LHN. I believe I started this one during last year's Crazy January Challenge so this will be my second chance to get 'er done!

Bottom right is Into the Night from Shepherd's Bush which I started in 2008. I love the sheep in his cape and hat! There's only a few more rows left to stitch but the big challenge will be finding the threads that came with the kit. They seem to have gotten separated from everything else. Quelle surprise. Some day soon I need to do some serious stash organizing!

Harry seems to think he belongs in the Fall Stitching Basket too. Afterall, he is a nice fall colored kitty.


Xeihua (Sara) said...

Hope you can keep with your "decision" and actually finish or get very close to finish these projects they are all lovely :)
And Harry can be included on the Fall colours for sure... he's gorgeous :D

Deb said...

You picked some great ones to work on. I wish I could be as disciplined as you and start something until the others are finished, but I never seem to be able to do that!

Anonymous said...

He looks so happy! I bet right now I could just push him over onto his side and give him belly rubs and he'd have no protest whatsoever.

Of course, your daughter.

barbara said...

Beautiful selection!!