Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Morning from the Lake

We were finally able to move into the house last weekend! We have no furniture except for some deck chairs and a mattress set, and only the bare essentials in the kitchen (coffee maker!), but I love every second I spend here! I will slowly transition myself to living here full time over the coming months, but for now I'm still commuting back and forth to my house in Three Rivers part of the week.

One of the first things I moved over here was one of my stitching lamps and a box of projects. (Phil totally understands my stitchy obsession!) Yesterday I worked on a project that hasn't seen the light of day since probably 2008, my Lizzie Kate Double Flips. I only have the last two to stitch, so I have to bop myself in the head and ask "Why did you stop working on it, ya moop??"

I got all of the word stitched on Create while watching the Rangers lose to the Mariners. It was the last game of a loooong 20 game stretch so I won't fuss at my boys too much. I'm glad they finally get a break today!

At home I've been working on BBD's Winter. I'm loving every stitch of it so far and will take a picture to share with you when I'm back home tomorrow. Once I get it finished, I think I will concentrate on my WIPocolypse projects again.

That's about it for me! This last week has been a bit chaotic but hopefully we will be settling into a routine soon. It just won't be this weekend, haha!

Thanks for visiting! I'm so happy you stopped by!

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Lesleyanne said...

Glad the move went well. Lovely progress on your wip.