Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Friday

Instead of pulling something wintery out of my Crazy January Challenge basket, I decided to start a new project. Fancy that! This is a freebie from Plum Street Samplers called Give Thanks. I went with an olive green linen so I'm having to tweek the thread colors just a tad. I really do love fall colors so I'm happy to hold off on the whole winter thing just a little longer.

Phil and I had our six month anniversary yesterday. He sent me this beautiful flower arrangement and tonight we're going out to dinner. I can't tell you what a blessing this man has been in my life. I'm looking forward to so much more with him.

One last picture... Egg found the only spot of sunshine in the house this morning. I almost hated to wake her up, but kitty on the kitchen counter is a big no-no!

Hope everyone has something fun to look forward to this weekend! With dinner out tonight and a potluck on Saturday, I should be as stuffed as any Thanksgiving turkey!


melissa said...

Sweet thing...I have to ask. Is this anniversary with your Phil 6 months of dating or did you jump the broom for sure? Love that you sound so happy!

Just curious, bud. :)

RuthB said...

Happy anniversary -- here's to many, many more... and much stitching too :)

kimstitch3 said...

Thanks so much for mentioning your wip of Give Thanks by Plum street Samplers. I went on a search for the pattern and discovered it is a new freebie that I have to I have it printed off now too.Thanks again.

Sharon said...

Those flowers look amazing! Happy belated six month Anniversary!