Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two Steps Forward

This is all I have to show for a weekend of stitching. Two steps. The rest of what I did falls under the heading of "Three Steps Back". Yep. The dreaded Frog came to visit me Saturday. He quietly hopped in and hid until I had finished the entire vase on the right hand side and had started on the green vine. I could tell something wasn't quite right when I picked it up again on Sunday. I looked at the chart, looked at my stitching, looked at the chart, looked at my stitching, back and forth for a good ten minutes before... Oh %@#$! Everything was four stitches too high because I hadn't finished the very bottom part of the house before working my way over to the vase. (Because, hey, I wanted some brainless stitching to do while I watched The Gladiator. Russell Crowe... what can I say?)

I had intended to finish the windows on the house but the two threads I have for the frame and panes (Onion Skin and Harvest Basket) are so close together in color that instead of a window it just looked like a beige rectangle. So along with the vase and vine, the one window I filled in was de-stitched last night. I managed to keep my grumbling to a minimum and hopefully I'll be back to making some progress on this piece tonight.

I must warn you, however: the where-abouts of the Frog are unknown (cue foreboding music).


Kim B said...

Bummer! Hopefully that frog is gone for good and will leave you alone from here on out!

Kathy said...

I do hope that froggie stays faaaaaar away from my house. :)

And yours too.