Monday, March 09, 2009

Rainy Weekend

It did nothing but rain all day Saturday and Sunday. Perfect weather for staying inside and stitching, right? Per my rotation schedule, I should have been working on Their Song and Peppermint Twist but I wasn't happy with the amount of progress I had made on my Village so opted to stick with it over the weekend.

Some more grass has grown, and the church now has a roof, door, and window frames. Just no walls. I forgot to put the doorknobs on the door so it's probably a good thing the walls are still missing. We wouldn't want folks getting trapped inside!

The rainy weather was also perfect for some baking. Here's a loaf of bread we made, ready to be popped in the oven.

And the results:
A little brown on top, but delicious none the less. We also made bagels but they weren't as photogenic as the bread. Ugly but edible, haha!

I got the last load of laundry in the washer so I think it might be time for a little stitching break. Wait a minute!! What's this??

You're in my spot!!
(This is Egg, by the way. She's Spitz's mother, and very spoiled.)


Kim B said...

People trapped in the church? I suppose there would be worse places to be trapped!

Vonna said...

Lovely stitching :) Wait til you get to those trees...UGH! Beautiful bread...yum-o! And what a pretty kitty!

Daffycat said...

Beautiful stitching and gorgeous bread...I like really toasty tops!

So Egg is a seat-stealer just like my Taco? Sweet snuggly kitty!

mainely stitching said...

Mmmm. Homemade bread. And snuggly kitties. What heaven!

Anonymous said...

Love watching your progress on the Village... mine is gathering dust, so maybe a little of your inspiration will rub off! Egg looks too cute... Intriguing name...???

Carla said...

mmmmm....I love homemade bread :)
Nice progress on your Village!

Pumpkin said...

OMG! Did you get off the couch at all that weekend???? I guess you must have because you baked some bread. I bet Egg was just waiting in the wings for you to leave your spot ;o)