Saturday, November 08, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

We had our first snow today. Nothing major, and it didn't stick, but it was still exciting for us southerners to see some "white stuff" falling from the sky. Now, was I inside all warm and cozy, tucked into my chair with a hot cup of coffee and my cross stitch? Of course not! I was outside lugging these things around:
(This picture was taken back when it was a steamy 71 degrees outside!)

Those are our floor trusses, and we have about forty some odd of these to nail in place. Let me tell you, they are HEAVY! Fortunately, we had some help moving them. Unfortunately, the gorgeous weather we had earlier this week didn't hold out until the weekend.

Here's a list of what I was wearing but any northerners have to promise not to laugh! From bottom to top: two pairs of socks, tennis shoes, jeans, long sleeved t-shirt, sweat shirt, fleece jacket, coat, gloves, work gloves, two scarves, and a hat. I think that's all. I told everyone I'd almost be comfortable if I had a pair of long johns on under my jeans.

Okay, fine! You can laugh now!


stitcherw said...

We had snow here this weekend too, and I was out raking leaves in it, LOL. Your outfit sounds perfectly reasonable to me, practical and warm. I'm soooo not ready for winter to start.

Your Doubleflips are looking so pretty, good luck getting them done by year end. I was so excited when I finished mine up a little bit ago, wish the framer would hurry up so I could have it back. Saw your earlier post on The Christmas Carol, I watch that every year. I have the George C. Scott version, the Henry Winkler version, and....the Muppet Version too. :)

Pumpkin said...

My goodness those are huge! I think I'd rather be stitching ;o) LOL!

That seems about normal for clothing. Now if you said you had a huge parka with knee high snowmobile boots, then I might be laughing ;o)