Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh my!

That's a lot of orts, ladies!

Update on the house: We had the inspection on Friday. They were here over four hours! We came back to find little orange stickers stuck all over the house. They irritated the heck out of me so I removed them. Saturday I met with my realtor to go over the list of repairs they'd like me to make. Considering the stickers, it was a relatively short list. I agreed to all but four of them, and we were pretty satisfied that they wouldn't object. So I get a call yesterday evening from my realtor saying they realllly want one of the items taken care of. This just happens to be one of those things that you just can't repair and have it be right. The whole thing would have to be replaced which I'm told they don't expect me to do. My response was no, based on the fact that I know they won't be satisfied with the repair. I haven't heard anything back, which I find odd considering everything has been rush, rush, rush up to this point.

Anyway, I have a certain sheep's blanket calling my name. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Kim B said...

Wow a whole ort truck! I was looking for a pretty jar or something yesterday to put mine in. But I suppose a truck would be good for those really seasoned stitchers :)

Hope they get their acts together with the house. We had the world's pickiest buyer last November. It was insane! I mean little bitty things like tiny cracks in the stucco. We left the repair kit and touch-up paint. It would take him 5 minutes to do himself and we were ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Anyway, enough of my ranting :) I'm sure it will all get worked out!

Pumpkin said...

ROFLMAO! That's hilarious!

Oh dear :o( I really hope it works out for you. Fingers crossed over here :o)

staci said...

That is too it!!! And your sheep does look a little unhappy doesn't she, lol?!?!

Good luck with the house repairs, ugh!

Lindsay said...

That is soooooo funny
Fingers crossed your house repairs go well