Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jolly Ole St. Not Done Yet

Well, I keep meaning to sit down and play catch up with posts but stuff keeps getting in the way! Isn't that how it always is this time of year? And tomorrow we leave for a week in Michigan so it's the eleventh hour here. I have all my shopping and baking done, and most of my packing. We have the house on the market so I'll have to leave it nice and tidy in case a realtor wants to show it while we're away. I think I'm fretting about that more than anything. I just know someone's going to neglect to flush a toilet or make a bed!

I wish I could say I've been busy stitching but I honestly found it hard to concentrate on my latest project. I made a tiny bit of progress on St. Nick but for some reason I had a tough time pulling it out to work on it. Maybe it was all the correcting I was having to do? Oh well, here's what I have done so far...
Even with just that little bit done, there are still two mistakes! I really don't understand how I made such a mess of this! But I think it's time to put it away until next year! What do you think?

The last load of laundry is done so it's time for me to head to bed! Hooray! Hopefully when I return I'll have some pictures to post of a big surprise!
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with joy and peace!


Sharon said...

Sometimes mistakes can just be so aggravating! Still a very cute peice! Merry Christmas to you and your's.

Pumpkin said...

No! Don't put it away! Just put it aside for a time and then pick it back up. You can do it :o)

Have a great trip and enjoy your holidays. Have a very Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year! All the best in 2008 :o)

Dawn said...

St. Nick looks wonderful!

Merry Christmas to you and I hope you have a safe but wonderful trip:)