Thursday, March 15, 2007

Treasure Chest

One of the things my mother left to me was her mother's cedar chest. I remember my grandmother calling it her "hope chest" and the only time it was ever opened was when we were having a special dinner and needed the *good* table cloth. Last month, my sister-in-law and I went through it's contents and did our best to divide things up according to who might like what. My grandmother obviously had an obsession with crocheted doilies because there was probably close to a hundred of them, in all shapes and sizes. Seriously, there was a TON of these! There was also a few *good* table cloths, some lacy dresser scarves, a crib blanket and some baby clothes, a wooden jewelry box, a "granny gown" with a crocheted bodice, and a pair of BLOOMERS! I wish someone had taken a picture of me with them on... quite attractive! So now I have to decide what to do with my share of the "booty". Most of it isn't in very good shape... the tableclothes are stained, the jewelry box lid has a broken hinge. My guess is I'll select a doilie or two to use around the house and the rest I'll tuck back into the chest for it's next owner.


Vonna said...

I have my Great, great Aunt's cedar chest and it is very similar in looks and designs of your Grandmother's. . . beautiful!
On my high school graduation, my grandfather made a cedar chest and my mother painted a picture on the top my name was painted on the was filled with items for me to one day start a household was my "hope chest" a beautiful gift that I'll always loving remember those who made it for me.

Kimberly said...

Oh what a beautiful chest! I think its fabulous is making its way through your family :) As for those things that are stained, try oxy clean. We used it on some linens of my great grandmother and it took all but a few stains out of the linens without damaging the delicate fabrics.