Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Happy Dance

Woohoo! Another Happy Dance! Love Sampler is DONE! except for two little buttons that need to be added, but at this time remain at large. I swear I just saw them yesterday! In a related story, the piece of chocolate I was nibbling on has also disappeared. Authorities have been notified!

I had to play around with that bottom right corner quite a bit before I was happy with the way it looked. It's a little crowded but I'll give it a few days before I consider redoing anything. I think the buttons will help to fill out the other open areas, once I find the little devils.

So I'm now 3/50 for the 50 Project Challenge! Hooray!


Vonna said...

Good for you! It's lovely :)

Carla said...

a perfect HD for Valentines Day!! It's lovely!!