Thursday, August 31, 2023

The House Idalia Built

Idalia has come and gone and we are none worse for wear. A lot of rain but not much wind. I did err on the side of caution though and rescheduled my appointment with the endodontist!
Aida and I camped out on the sofa most of the day. She slept and I stitched. My goal was to finish the house at the bottom of Summer Breeze and I had it done before dinner time. I'll get some flowers planted today and put the fence up. Then I can move on to sodding the lawn. Not sure I'm on track to finish by Labor Day but I'll give it the ole college try!
The scene yesterday...
"Wake me when it's over!"

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Robin in Virginia said...

Glad that you fared okay from Idalia's coming and going! Your PS piece is looking fabulous. Enjoy your weekend!