Thursday, August 31, 2023

The House Idalia Built

Idalia has come and gone and we are none worse for wear. A lot of rain but not much wind. I did err on the side of caution though and rescheduled my appointment with the endodontist!
Aida and I camped out on the sofa most of the day. She slept and I stitched. My goal was to finish the house at the bottom of Summer Breeze and I had it done before dinner time. I'll get some flowers planted today and put the fence up. Then I can move on to sodding the lawn. Not sure I'm on track to finish by Labor Day but I'll give it the ole college try!
The scene yesterday...
"Wake me when it's over!"

Monday, August 28, 2023

This Post Has No Title

I don't know about anyone else, but sometimes the hardest part of posting on my blog is coming up with a decent title. After ten minutes of sitting here staring at the screen, I have nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch.
Enough of the staring! Let's just jump into the post, shall we?
I found the perfect project to close out my summer stitching with...
Summer Breeze from Prairie Schooler
I'm not sure when I started this but I reckon I'm a little over halfway done now. Can I finish it before Labor Day? We shall see!
I finally got around to reframing "Love My Coffee" after it was damaged in my kitchen flood.
I don't think I did as good a job the second time around but it hangs on a wall under the kitchen cabinets so won't be subjected to my daily scrutiny. At least I hope not.
In other news, we are getting ready for another hurricane. The Publix was packed this morning and I've been getting alerts all day regarding closings and potential service interruptions.
Aida and I have plenty of canned food, water, and candles so we are as prepared as we're gonna get. We're not on the coast so don't have to worry about storm surges. I can't promise we won't lose power but the guest room is made up with a new mattress and clean sheets if anyone needs a safe place to evacuate to.
Mi casa, su casa!


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Late Night Shenanigans

Late last night (or was it early this morning?) I was doing that thing I tend to do called "not being able to shut off my brain and fall asleep". It dawned on me (haha... dawned...) that I have a yellow frame that might be perfect for my Lizzie Kate Welcome Friends finish.
Insomnia is for the birds (LOL... birds...) but I did end up with this...
I'm dead chuffed as the Brits would say!

 Aida, on the other hand, wishes I could count sheep like normal people do!
"This is how it's done, Mom. Watch and learn."

Monday, August 21, 2023

Well, I'll Be

I have another finish to share!
Welcome Friends
by Lizzie Kate
stitched on 32-ct Antique White Linen
with DMC

I didn't have the little house charm that goes between "Welcome" and "Friends" so I substituted a heart that goes with another chart. Which means if I ever stitch THAT chart I'll have to do another charm substitution.

Reminds me of the time I whacked into a gorgeous piece of hand dyed fabric before realizing it went with a kit I had spent beaucoup dinero for. Whoops.

I'm still not ready for fall stitching so I think I'll go through my WIPs and see if there's anything that piques my interest.
Someone thinks my light is too bright...

Monday, August 14, 2023

A Finish and a Start

I finished the last of the Gather Butterflies rounds over the weekend. Do NOT look too closely at any of them! I think I broke a personal record for the number of mistakes in any one project! 

I have the kit for the Gather Pumpkins rounds waiting in the wings. We're in the midst of a heat advisory here so I'm not quite in the mood for fall stitching. Maybe when the temperatures dip into the 80s? I'm still getting used to Florida "seasons". My spare closet is full of cardigans and booties I can't bear to part with yet. I did at least box up my coats and sweaters. Baby steps!

Since I put the pumpkins on the back burner, I pulled out the Lizzie Kate Welcome Friends birdhouse project.
No mistakes so far! (I hope!)
Today was supposed to be laundry day but there's a broken water valve somewhere and they've turned off our water for who knows how long. I didn't even get a chance to brush my teeth this morning!
On the bright side, no laundry means more stitching!
And more napping if you're a certain puppy!


Monday, July 17, 2023

Butterflies and Bad Luck

Yesterday was a wonderfully stormy day which gave me a good excuse to stay inside and stitch. I finished the second of the Gather Butterflies rounds from Hands on Design. I need to get busy with the third one since I've already received the next kit! 
I had a bit of a catastrophe earlier this month. The line to my ice maker broke during the night and flooded my kitchen. Part of my ceiling collapsed and everything was soaked. Just an amazing mess. Aida had gotten up several times while we were sleeping and would trot around the house like she needed something. I just didn't realize she was trying to alert me to what was happening in the kitchen. The insurance adjuster has been out so now I'm waiting to hear what may be covered. 
One casualty was my Love My Coffee cross stitch. It was soaked by the water running down the wall and the colors bled. I've managed to get most of it out but still need to reframe it. I don't think it will be noticeable. 
The obligatory photo of Aida... she's doing the "lean", anticipating me throwing the ball I was holding to get her to look at the camera! 

I just heard thunder so it looks like another rainy day! Yay! More stitching!


Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Shelf Love

I'm happy to report I finished the cross stitching on Homespun Still Life last night.
As you can see, I changed the color of the towels from red to blue. All I have left now is the backstitching which I plan to start on tonight. 

My brother was in town last week so we hit up the estate sales and thrift stores in the area. I was in search of some 80s decor and did manage to find one shelf similar to the one I'm stitching. He brought me a tall four cubby shelf that I think could be turned into a vegetable bin if I can convince him to make some doors for me, similar to these with the wire...
Aida thinks it would make excellent storage for her collection of toys!

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Time Travel

I decided to tackle sorting out my mess of DMC yesterday. I've never settled on any one way to organize it and I can't say I'm any closer now. Some of it is wound on bobbins that are filed numerically in plastic boxes which was my go-to method back in the 80s when I first started cross stitching. I also have a cabinet with little drawers that I use to organize skeins in. There was a lot that wouldn't fit in the drawers so all of that went in numbered ziplocs which then went in plastic bins. Then there's the Joann's bag with odds and ends because I'm too lazy to check if it needs to be wound on a bobbin, stuck in a drawer, or shoved in a ziploc. I'm telling you, it can be overwhelming!
I did manage to get through the bobbin boxes and made a list of what's missing. In the process I ended up getting all nostalgic about my stitching "journey". I remember wanting every color of DMC back when there were only 360 colors and you could get them for a dime. Every time Michaels would have a sale I'd run over with my list on my lunch hour and stock up. My late husband would help me wind it onto the bobbins, and I still have some with his writing on them!
I remember my subscription to Cross Stitch & Country Crafts was quite the splurge for a young couple but I loved every issue and would sit out in the back yard on my chaise lounge (remember the ones made with the plastic tubing?) and read every word. I still have all my issues and ended up sitting on the floor with Aida, paging through them. There were quite a few designs I had stitched and even more than I had wanted to.
Before I knew it I had picked a pattern, pulled the DMC from my newly organized boxes, found some linen, and got started on a project from the July/August 1986 issue! 
This is called Homespun Still Life and the designer is Lynn Waters Busa. Such amazing 80s vibes! I had so many of these knick knack shelves in my home back in the day, crammed with little houses, farm animals, and I even had the old timey iron on one!
I might need to hit up some garage sales this weekend in search of 80s decor! How can I not?

Monday, June 12, 2023

Gathering Butterflies

I finally finished Quilted Butterflies from the Gather Round series by Hands On Design. I swear all I had left was maybe 16 stitches and backstitching the stems but it sat there for a good two weeks. I think I procrastinate when it comes to finishing something because I know I'm going to have to face my disorganized craft room if I'm going to kit up my next project.

I'd ask Aida to help me sort thread but she has a habit of pulling the paper tags off and eating them.
She also has a hard time distinguishing between Q-Snaps and chew toys.

Monday, May 08, 2023

Another Finish!

 Barry Manilow's magic must have worked because I have another finish finish to share today!
This was stitched from a Bent Creek Zipper kit called Liberty. I can't say how long this has been in my fuppie box but I'm sure it's been several years. There's probably a good 20 years worth of unfinished finishes in that box which borders on embarrassing! I've never had much confidence in my finishing skills but I'm determined to get better!

Friday, May 05, 2023

Cue Barry Manilow!

 Because... it's a miracle!
My Gather Wildflower rounds are FINISHED!
And amazingly enough, my rounds are actually round!
Can we get a happy dance???

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Gather Wildflowers

I finally put the last stitch in Gather Wildflowers from Hands on Design. I have all three parts done now so I can move on the the finishing. Procrastinating seems to be my super power though. I seriously had 30 stitches and the backstitching left to do and it just sat there. For a week! Someone needs to come over and give me a stern talking to!

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Birthday Boy

Happy birthday Evan!
Love you to the moon and back!

Monday, April 24, 2023

Rainy Afternoon

I can't think of a better way to spend it!

P.S. Does anyone else have a puppy who loves to sleep under the blanket?