Friday, June 23, 2017

So here's the thing...

I first learned to cross stitch from a co-worker back in the 80s. While everyone else went out for lunch, we'd sit at our desks with our brown bags and keep each other company while we stitched. Budgets were tight but aida cloth was cheap and we could get a lot of mileage out of a skein of DMC!

Later, when I moved to the 'burbs I was fortunate enough to have a next door neighbor who was also a stitcher. We'd sit out in the backyard and page through the latest issue of Cross Stitch & Country Crafts while our toddlers played on the big elephant slide. She was an experienced seamstress and taught me how to use a ruffler and make pillows and together we pieced together a quilt with squares she had stitched.

Fast forward to the early 90s when we purchased a home computer. CompuServe made it possible for me to be able to meet even more stitchers without ever leaving my living room! I got to know several local stitchers through the cross stitch forums there and we'd meet up to go shopping at our LNS and even went to the CATS festival in San Antonio together. We did round robins and birthday exchanges and it was these CISters coached me through my first project on linen!

Somewhere around 2005 I discovered these things called blogs. Hundreds of ladies were out there sharing WIPs and BAPs and FUPpies and you name it! I became a blogoholic overnight! About a year later I worked up the nerve to start my own blog. My posts have become sporadic of late but I do try to check in at least once a month.

Which brings me to today. I'm sitting here in the Chicken Ottoman Empire feeling a little sorry for myself. I'm missing the camaraderie I once felt with my fellow stitchers. You would think in this age of social media it would be easier than ever to connect with folks but instead I feel overwhelmed by all of it. I know there are dozens of groups on Facebook, and I have joined a few, but each time I feel like I've arrived late to the party and everyone has already divided into cliques and all I can do is quietly observe. Instagram with all its hashtags leaves me baffled. I'm no Floss Tube superstar either. I'm just one person who would like to connect with a few ladies who maybe want to head over to an LNS once in a while. Maybe go to lunch. Maybe join me for some lakeside stitching. I don't know.

Believe me I have tried reaching out to stitchers I know are in my area. I guess that's where my frustration comes from. How many times can I read on someone's blog that they're planning this or that, express a desire to join them, and never even get a reply? (And hello, if you're reading this you know who you are...) I'm a nice person, guys. I really am. I'm not pretentious or obnoxious or have horrible body odor that I'm oblivious to. I'm decent and kind and flat out don't understand why no one seems to want to let just one more nice, decent, kind stitcher into their little group.

Anyhoosie. It's the weekend. Time for a little R&R and hopefully by this time Monday I won't be feeling so darn glum.


Robin in Virginia said...

Well if I lived nearer, I would love to get together and stitch with you. Enjoy your R&R; may your weekend be filled with lots of stitches.

arcadia said...

Well, we are in the same boat. Except that for me I believe I have the explanation(s) : I'm not from this area, and people prefer to stay with "locals" as they told me, so... and then I'm under poverty official rate, so I can't join people when they spend much in a restaurant or so, can't join a club because no matter what they first say (noooo you have NO obligation) you HAVE to do a certain amount of particular things to be involved (like stitching on huge projects for club's runner birthday, anniversary of the group, produce pieces linked to a particular subject for the next exhibition, etc). Beeing poor and ill makes me "out of the competition"... Nevermind, I'm stitching in my little corner, and share with some web friends !
I hope your message will wake up some nice people in your neighborhood and you'll soon have fun.... & share pics with us of your LNS touring/ stitchers gatherings :-D

Vickie said...

Too bad this Big 'ol Lake separates us huh? I have no one to stitch with. I never have had anyone. I do not partake in any other social media except my cross stitch blog. I enjoy reading, so I usually try to find good audio books to listen to while stitching. :D

Christine said...

First off, I love your summer finishes you've shown in the previous posts!

As for finding those who enjoy stitching with others, try seeking out a local EGA chapter and see if they have any 'stitch-ins' scheduled. Good luck!

Myra said...

I must admit I've never seen your blog before. We sure do share the same the same feelings though so .... ditto to all you wrote here. I too, stitch alone. I'm from Michigan. Where do you call home? Could we be so blessed to at least be from the same state?

Clare said...

I hope you find and stitching friend who lives close. I know the miles(kms) are too far. I do so enjoy my once a month group that I go to other wise it`s my blog too. Maybe we could do SAL together. Happy Stitching.

Brigitte said...

I also envy all the stitchers who have a little group nearby. I stitch alone like you. Years ago I used to meet up with two stitching friends more or less regularly but after a while they stopped stitching and started knitting and other crafts. And also out get-togethers became more and more rare as we couldn't find a day when we could meet. Now my blogging friends are my fellow stitchers :)

Karyn said...

No stitchers around here either, and I too envy the stitchers who have LNS groups, or just plain stitchy groups. There is one group waaaay down south, but I'm too lazy to drive over an hour to stitch with others...I sound like a curmudgeon, oops.
If I lived near you I would stitch with you too...even if you did smell! Could we sit on your deck?